Thursday, March 22, 2012

Grachi Cast

Graciela Alonso

She is the daughter of Francisco Alonso.
She is the new student at Escolarium. She is a powerful good witch
but still has to learn her powers well. She becomes best friends with Mecha
and rivals with Matilda. She is in love with Daniel.

Daniel Alejandro Esquivel

He is the son of Cristina and Ricardo Esquivel.
He is the captain of "The Sharks" ("Los Tiburones").
He has three younger siblings Melanie, Louis and Roberto.
His cousin is Chema. His ex-girlfriend is Matilda.
He likes music and singing but does not want to do it in public.
He is in love with Grachi.

Matilda Roman

She is the daughter of Ursula Roman and ex-girlfriend of Daniel.
She is the leader of the "Red Panthers" ("Panteras Rojo") and is an
evil witch. She wants to get the exoren and become a powerful witch and she wants
to destroy Grachi and win back Daniel.

Antonio Gordillo

Is Fernando Gordillo's son and is the member of "The Sharks" ("Los Tiburones")
He is in love with Grachi and is good at Math and Science.
He is the school nerd and has a skill in swimming.


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